Winter Nights

Posted on August 27, 2019

Comfy In Bed

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday Monday yesterday.

Today I want to talk to you about the time of year, which is slowly but surely turning into autumn. I think we can finally say goodbye to the glorious sun and fresh dew mornings with a heavy hand – Autumn is striding across the UK whether we like it or not.

However, Autumn isn’t all bad – it’s a great time to revert back to our Dakota Mango Range, as their dark wood finish is as crisp as the falling leaves. Furthermore, Autumn brings something rather special to our doorsteps…Winter!

Winter is filled with joy and happiness, and now that I’ve melted once or twice in the British sun, I think I’m ready for the cold. I can just imagine myself grabbing my thick woollen PJ’s out of the Dakota Mango Double Wardrobe, feet scampering timidly across the cream carpet before with a leap and a bound, I caress myself in between my bed and duvet. A cosy sandwich!

Winter, in my opinion, really makes you appreciate your mango bedroom that bit more, with its Dakota Mango Small Chest of Drawers and all the warmth radiating from the electric heaters – it’s an irreplaceable feeling.

No more worrying about tight clothing, or keeping cool in a summer breeze –NO! Every day I wear clothes that are at least 3 sizes too big, with my gigantic wellington boots shuffling through the icy cold snow before being cleanly place in the Dakota Mango Blanket Box, ready for another cool day tomorrow.

I know it seems I am going on a bit reader, but I truly have a soft spot in my heart for Winter – so getting through dull Autumn is the only way to reach it. I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and have a brilliant day as well. Goodbye!