Summer is now coming to an end!

Posted on October 21, 2019

summer turning into autumn

Good Afternoon everyone, British summer time is officially ending soon. So it’s time to pack up the summer clothes and time to dive into the warmest autumn clothes that are waiting another year for a relaxing few months.

Today I want to discuss to you about this time of year, which is turning into the yellow glow of autumn. Whilst we still have the last drips of sun, it safe to say summer is leaving and autumn is arriving slowly but surely.

Autumn’s arriving so it’s time to convert back into our Dakota Mango Range; the dark wood finish is as dark as the leaves will be soon. Although people have negative thoughts about Autumn, it still brings a drop of colour to the world.

This time of the year is perfect for this time of the year as it brings families closer and has a ray of colours that fall into lives. I can just imagine now, grabbing my cosy socks out of the Dakota Mango Small Chest of Drawers and gathering around the Television with the Dakota Mango 1 Drawer TV Unit supporting the weight.

Autumn allows you to appreciate the smooth flat surfaces of the living room, with either your family and/or friends you can gather around a fire place with the Dakota Mango Fire Surround making the room a place of quiet, relaxing and warm for a peaceful night in.

There’s no need to scavenge for an outfit the summer’s heat, it’s time to settle in for the nice, chill of the wind without the regret of needing to look nice outside. Grab your wellingtons and prepare for those rainy days and with the Dakota Mango Coat Rack you will have a nice and dry place to store them for another day.

It may be that I’m going on a bit reader, but I adore the Autumn effect and with the months ticking down winter will be a nice way to wrap up the year. I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and I hope you have a great day as well. Goodbye!