My top 5 Mango Occasional Tables!

Posted on June 25, 2019

My Top 5

Good afternoons everyone. I hope that you are having a fabulous Tuesday like I am and are enjoying the typical British weather (rain- if you can’t guess).

I’ve been thinking recently and I really don’t believe that we give Mango Occasional Tables enough credit. Sure, the Dakota Mango 6 Drawer Coffee Table is a staple feature in the living room, but what about all the others that get brushed under the rug? Don’t they deserve some recognition?

Well, my opinion is that they do, so today ready I am going to give you my TOP 5 Mango Occasional Tables – and hey maybe we might share some similar interests!

5. Dakota Mango Lamp Table

This elegant table is my 5th favourite, because I love its simplistic style. The stripped back design includes a drawer and surface area which personal I love because not only can I put a lamp there but I can also store some ornaments on the shelf below. I think it is really overlooked even though it offers loads of potential and in my living room compliments a nice house plant.

      4. Mango Double Storage Cube

Now I know you must think I’m really into quirky furniture, but I just can’t help it. Even though it isn’t a traditional table, this novel item fits beautifully into my bedroom because I can decorate it with my own accessorise like my antique snow globe and music box. I don’t know about you reader but for me the small accessorise really round off a room.

     3. Light Mango Side Table

Another one of my bedroom essentials, this bedside cabinet can also be used as a lamp, telephone or a decoration table. The versatile framework means that they can get mixed up – but I love the stunning li8ght wood finish that is now in my room – don’t you?

   2.  Light Dakota Mango Long John

Because my cousins come round a lot, they love this little fireball. The little tables that come with it can be used stools and the table as a desk – so they will happily play “CAFÉ” all day long. That would tire me out but it certainly doesn’t them. I have this unit in my study to give the proper feel of a business study in the hope that I would become a proper business lady!

And finally…

  1. Mango Blanket Box

Whilst this little star may not look like a table, it certainly is to me. The beauty of imagination means you can use furniture as anything you’d like, and after I’ve stored my essentials away in the chest hidden inside, I can put my feet up and admire the sheer beauty from my blanket box.

Well readers that’s all for today and I hoped you liked this blog – what are your top 5? Goodbye!