Moving Out!

Posted on May 22, 2019

Moving Out!

Good morning readers! Today me and my sister are moving out together. We have planned this for months, spending hours scanning flats, houses and apartments for the best rates. Our eyes have laid above grey pools from sleepless nights, worried about the future and what will be.

However, the day has finally come and now we can extend our wings and fly out into the mysterious world of adulthood. Today readers, I want to explain my perfectly envisioned dream apartment. Me and my sister have chosen a 2 bedroom 2nd floor flat, which is spacious and has bundles of potential just waiting to be unleashed.

In life, I have come to realize that life cannot be planned, changes happen every day and we cannot control the future. This can take some time to adjust to. But there is 1 thing I can control in my adult life…my living room! The room in which we spend most of our time is something to be proud of, we should showcase it to the world and amaze the crowds for years to come.

After serious talks with my sister, she allowed me full reigns over the design of our living room, as long as she got the kitchen.

“Deal!” I said, and ran off to begin my elaborate and elegant ideas.

Well, today is the day that my plans have come to light. The furniture has been built and assembled, shifted into the perfect sitting place and polished till the gleaming light bounced and ricocheted off the cream walls. I sat on the sofa, impressed with my new interior designing skills, and thrilled with the luxurious room.

Firstly, I had my Mango TV Unit stood proudly in the far left corner, displaying a 40” TV which played comedy shows at 1080hp! It was a Light Mango 4 Drawer Corner TV Unit and burst a splash of colour and life onto the cream walls. The rest of my Dakota Mango Furniture was also gleaming regally around the room making me feel like a queen.

The Mango Wood had a brown shimmer which glittered around the room, laying softly across my face as the sun was setting outside, creating a calm and collected warm streak across the floorboards. Even my sister was astounded by the work I had done and admitted that her kitchen was nowhere near as elaborate as detailed as mine –  I had to agree.

All of the worries I once had about taking that big step, and becoming independent, faded away as I sunk comfortably into the sofa. My Mango Living Room Furniture was beautiful, and I was excited for the future – even if I couldn’t control it! Aren’t you?