Is Your Garden Heatwave Ready?

Posted on July 30, 2019

Hello readers! I hope you have had a good few weeks in the British weather! However, surprisingly we have been hit with a heatwave that has swept over Europe. Places like London have even reached up to 40 degrees Celsius!

Even though we haven’t quite reached that temperature here in West Yorkshire, it’s still been lovely weather for sunbathing in the back garden with a drink or two. Now, I don’t know about you reader, but when the sun is shining and the leaves sway crisply in the heat, I become really motivated and determined.

Why not create the perfect living room or even patio when the streaky sun rays are galloping across your back? If protected or covered, our Mango Light collection is suitable for outdoor use, if of course they are looked after properly. A top pick of ours is the Mango Light Shoe Rack for those perfect outdoor shoes, flip flops or even boots in the winter.  

Or how about the Mango Light Blanket Box for all your essentials such as towels, or gardening tools and even an alternative shoe cupboard. These storage options not only make your garden look great, but help you maintain a tidy organised garden area.

Lastly, reader, I would definitely recommend the Light Small Mango Dining Table for the entire family! Whether you use it simple as a decorative table, or pair it with some of our gorgeous dining chairs, this table is built to last for years to come (within the right conditions)

So that’s it from us today reader, I hope you have gathered some inspiration for your classic garden and are ready for the rest of this stifling heatwave!

As a reminder, it is noted to cover any furniture in wet or damp conditions and to avoid placing furniture on grass or dirt covered floors to preserve the impeccable sheen. If possibly, wooden furniture should be moved indoors in extreme weathers such as snow/ice.