Information Overload!

Posted on December 27, 2016

Some people just like to keep things simple, be it in the kitchen, with their hobbies or when shopping complicating things can make some consumers feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

A great example would be those radio adverts that promote financial services or leeway’s for expensive products that keep things pretty brief until they get to the end where you hear all of the ‘small print’ if you will at x5 speed.

This will make the average consumer feel uncomfortable and uneasy thinking that the company has something to hide.

This is why here at Mango Furniture we make an effort not to over complicate things too much when showing off our range of Solid Mango Wood Furniture, In fact if you look at one of our listings you will see that the approach is very much stripped back.

Take a look at the Mango Coffee Table for instance, the first thing you will probably see are the images of the products, each listing has an angled, face up and detail shot showing off the intricate grains and detailing of Mango Wood Furniture.

Beside this there is a description which describes the features of the Mango Coffee Table such as weather it has any additional storage as well as the details of the wood as well as its finish be it light or dark.

Then we have the dimensions which are the most important element of any furniture listing as after all what is the point in buying a lavish Dakota Mango Dining Table which won’t even fit through the front door. This is why we ensure all of our listings have up to date dimensions for your peace of mind.

Finally because we often have our items in both a light and dark variation we have a link to any alternative colours that may be available with the product.