Don’t spill the tea!

Posted on May 13, 2019

Don't spill the tea!

Good morning readers, and welcome to an exciting Mango Furniture blog. Monday morning has arrived, and what a gorgeous day it has brought. The Sun streamed through my curtains this morning, filling up the room with a golden atmosphere. However, this doesn’t stop us tea lovers! We will drink the delicious drink in all weathers, and we love it!

As soon as my sleepy eyes open: Bang! My dressing gown gets wrapped tightly; sparkling unicorn slippers find their way onto my feet and smile as I jump onto each step. I run into the kitchen and stare lovingly at the electric kettle, shining in all its glory. Soon the sound of boiling water sings into my ears! I always grab my favourite big mug, and put in my teabag and sugar. Sometimes I cannot even contain my excitement and the water cascades into the ceramic container before it has even boiled. A drop of milk, a little stir, and yes! The shimmering drink of heaven steams out of the cup, waiting to be drunk.

Now comes the difficult part. My tea sits perfectly on my Dakota Mango Large Pebble Coffee Table, but the beautiful coffee table seems so far away from the quiet kitchen. The tea is hot; I can feel the warmth about to reach my fingers. I have to quickstep out of the kitchen door, into the hallway; I can see the cost effective coffee table waiting for me. The tea dangerously splashes onto the rim of the mug, which startles me. Does it not startle you? As I attempt to balance the liquid, I move to the left, now to the right, until I’m doing the waltz in the middle of my hall. Step over my running trainers, sidestep around the house plant, but not too quickly.

With a surge of confidence I skip hop and jump into the lounge – to my stunning cosy coffee table. I sink into my sofa, watching my tea sit proudly on the table. I have completed my first obstacle of the day – my cup of tea! With this blog coming to an end I hope you are successful in your tea adventure and remember, don’t spill the tea!