Dakota Mango Small Nest (09N)

Dakota Mango Small Nest
Dakota Mango Small NestDakota Mango Small NestDakota Mango Small Nest

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This Dakota Mango Small Nest is a great piece for a natural style that will amplify your living rooms personality. This piece of furniture is as 3 pieces set that offers a variety of small tables which can be used as side tables, display tables and even as a stool. They can be as easily separated as well as put back together to save space and for a great reason to invite more guests over.

Each set is made from the finest Solid Mango Wood which in this example is given a warm dark Dakota wood finish.

Each nest of table is also available in a light wood finish.

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Additional Information

Dimensions: W49 x H45 x D30.5cm
Medium table: W37.5 x H37 x D27cm
Smallest table: W26 x H29 x D24cm