Buyers Guide

Mango Furniture Buyers Guide.

Welcome to the Mango Furniture Buyers Guide.

We hope that you will be given a greater understanding of what we sell and help you make the right decision when it comes to furnishing your home.

What Am I Looking At Here?

This is one of our Mango 4 Drawer Coffee Tables. This like all of the items you will see on this site is made from 100% Indian Mango Wood. The wood that we use is more commonly associated with the fruit Mango, as the wood that is used is taken from Indian Mango Trees – which is where this range gets its namesake.

Those Little Details?

OK so you’ve probably noticed already that here at Mango Furniture we sell our furniture in a choice of 2 colours.

First we have the light range. This range the wood is available in a very vibrant colour which is ideal for those who want to brighten up their room and allow the natural light to flow through the room. Items with this colour are identified by and ‘L’ in their code for example – Light Mango Small TV Stand (H2L).

Secondly we have the dark finish. Here the wood is given a mocha stain that transforms the wood giving it a very rich dark colour, which makes even the most discrete items much more potent and adds a warm feeling to the room. All items that we have in the dark colour are given a ‘D’ in the code for example – Mango Sideboard (H68D).